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Precision Energy Services (PES) is an energy systems company providing technical services to project developers, independent power producers, and industrial clients across the globe. PES specializes in the development, design, construction and operation and maintenance of Biomass and Biowaste to energy plants. Power project development, fuel handling and preparation, powerplant design, start-up and operations and maintenance typically fall within our scope.

Our services in the O&M of power plants provide the company with the first-hand experience of actual equipment performance. The PES staff is particularly experienced in fluidized bed combustion and sub-systems associated with this technology.



Flexible and responsive, the PES team has the right people, expertise, and experience to get the job done both quickly and effectively.

We can help an existing energy facility resolve its operating, production efficiency/capacity, maintenance and permitting compliance issues, as well as, develop a new facility from its conceptual inception through the entire process of feasibility, design/procurement, construction and startup/commissioning to full commercial operation.

Biomass Energy Systems

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