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PES Fluid Bed Nozzles

PES has redesigned our fluidized bed nozzle to incorporate substantial time, and money saving features.

By way of these changes the replacement costs, both in maintenance and downtime have been significantly reduced. These changes have been realized by changing the way the nozzle is initially secured to the pipe stub. The use of the threaded style nozzle has been eliminated, replaced instead with a smooth bore nozzle shouldered internally to accept a straight section of schedule 80 pipe that can be pre-welded through holes cast into the nozzles main stem or supplied with one of the other available options.


  1. Nozzle Only
  2. Nozzle With Nipple
  3. Assembled Nozzle Package 

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  1. Remove old nozzle from manifold using a cutoff grinding wheel.
  2. Cleanup old mounting surface to a clean, flat profile using a grinding wheel.
  3. Position new nozzle with pre-welded 1″ x 2-1/2″ schedule 80 black pipe stub onto new manifold location and seal weld in place.

Once all new nozzles and pipe stubs have been installed on the manifolds, future nozzle change outs will be a highly simplified and extremely efficient time saving operation. Simply repeat steps 1 through 3 as detailed above.

Multi-Fuel Boiler for Sale

  • Make: Combustion: Engineering
  • Year Constructed: 1980
  • Rated Pressure: 1050 pounds per square inch
  • Operating Conditions: 600 psig-750°F
  • Steaming rate:

350,000 pounds per hour on bark or wood waste

400,000 pounds per hour with natural gas or No. 5 or No. 6 oil

  • Fuels: bark, wood waste, natural gas and oil
  • Boiler can be converted to burn pulverized coal
  • Boiler Type: VU-40
  • Furnace width: 20’-1 1” furnace depth 22’-1 1”
  • Heating surface: boiler = 17,110 ft2, water walls = 8,530 ft2, economizer = 5,090 ft2
  • Boiler has an attemporator installed
  • Combustion Engineering continuous discharge spreader stoker
  • Detroit stoker cinder/ash recovery system
  • Over fire air system upgrade to increase combustion efficiency and reduce particulate and NOx emissions
  • Complete Superheater replacement in 2006/2007
  • Tubular air heater repairs
  • Recent ID fan repairs
  • Multi-cone gas scrubber
  • Wet venture scrubber equipped with rod decks and mist eliminators

Partial List of Spare Parts

  • New induced draft fan motor
  • New forced draft fan motor
  • 95% of the spare parts needed to rebuild the spreader stoker
  • New ash screws
  • Two spare Wennburg reclaimer screws
  • KSB hydraulic drive motor for Wennburg reclaimer
  • Spare hogger rotor and hammers
  • Spare Heco gear boxes for boiler feed screws
  • New belts for hog fuel feed system
  • Spare air locks for ash system
  • Spare ash system and sifting conveyor parts
  • Spare hummer screens
  • Spare brick for inside of boiler
  • Spare spreader stoker gear box
  • Several other spare gear boxes
  • Spare conveyor system parts
  • Spare multi-cones and spinners
  • Spare scalping screen rotors

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