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Best uses of Biomass Gasification in today’s power sector:

Biomass Gasification co-products breathe new life into gasification power applications. By Jim Beck, Project Manager/Engineer, Precision Energy Services, Inc. Biomass as a renewable energy source faces challenges in current regulatory markets in the US and...

Part 1: The Building of a Biomass Plant-Why Biomass Energy?

Throughout the past few years, there has been a lot of global discussion on topics like the Clean Power Plan, climate change, and pollution. These are some major issues, but what exactly are we as individuals and businesses supposed to do about it? We hear...

Why We Love Biomass (And You Should, Too!)

There has been a lot of talk about Biomass in the news lately, and we've received a lot of inquiries here at PES as to how businesses can take steps to reduce their fuel cost and improve their carbon footprint through the use of a Biomass Energy System. Soo... We've...

Wood is Wood…Right?

All wood burns. This is fact. So when you are thinking of building a fire, throw some wood on it and ya’ got yourself a fire! This may work for a camp fire or small scale indoor stove, however when it comes to generating heat, steam and /or electricity on a consistent...

Two issues that could be costing YOU money!

There are lots of different technologies and fuel sources available to users in the biomass energy field. Most of them are quite appealing and are well worth the initial investment...or so you thought. After lots of hard work and effort, the initial investment has...

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