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CHP Combined Heat and Power Systems, or Cogeneration Plants create an efficient integrated thermal and electric generating facility that can supply steam and electricity needs using a renewable and local fuel source. Generated electricity can be used onsite for energy independence or sold to a third party for profit. Past clients have been able to reduce their carbon emission and their fuel cost.


Tri-Generation Systems or Combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) incorporate a customized biomass system to meet all heating, cooling and electricity needs using a renewable energy source. The system provides steam for heat in the winter, operates a chiller for cooling in the summer, and generate electricity all year-round. Past clients have had an increased energy independence and seen a dramatic reduction in fuel cost.

Conventional Generation vs. CHP: Overall Efficiency

Benefits to Cogeneration Systems

Offset Capital Costs

Reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emmissions

Increase Energy Independence & Reliability

Find out more about the potential benefits of a cogeneration system for your facility!