There has been a lot of talk about Biomass in the news lately, and we’ve received a lot of inquiries here at PES as to how businesses can take steps to reduce their fuel cost and improve their carbon footprint through the use of a Biomass Energy System.

Soo… We’ve compiled a list,

Top reasons why PES loves Biomass Energy:Why We love biomass

  1. Renewable- A truly renewable energy source.
  2. Carbon Neutral– Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)
  3. Abundant Resource– As long as forests are being sustainably sourced, biomass provides us with an unlimited source of fuel that is widely available.
Biomass is a reliable and sustainable source of energy
By utilizing Biomass energy, we help mitigate fires by clearing excess residues from the forest. Including thinnings, low quality wood, as well as tops and limbs.

4. Prevents forest fires– By harvesting the unmerchantable wood residues and unhealthy trees from the forest, we are working to reduce the potential impact of forest fires. Clearing dense areas and general cleaning of the forest floor helps mitigate forest fires.

5. Reduces landfill space and tipping fees.- By burning waste wood and other forest product manufacturing process waste, the overall amount of waste that accumulates in our nation’s landfills is reduced. Another bonus of burning this waste is that you save money in both tipping fees and energy costs. (Win-win)


Utilizing Biomass reduces the amount of waste being put into landfills, and also reduces the cost of your tipping fees.

6. Keeps money spent on plant energy costs in the local economy.– Instead of sending that money to foreign investors allow it to bolster the economy where your facility is located!

Talk to us about the potential benefits of biomass for your facility