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Precision Energy Services Inc. (PES) is a Biomass Energy Systems Company that offers services and energy plants to industrial energy users and the power industry in all aspects of thermal fuel-based energy development, production and utilization; with particular expertise and focus on the use of biomass and non-traditional non-fossil solid fuels.

Formed in 1993, PES has provided our Technical, Design and O&M experience to companies such as DuPont, AGFA, Weyerhaeuser, Abengoa, and many others. We are very experienced in the industrial world of solid fuel processing, gasification, energy recovery, ash handling and environmental control where plants have to operate continuously 350 days a year.

Since our inception in 1993, the company has grown into a fully-capable team of mechanical, combustion/process and operations engineers, designers, and project managers. We are proudly located in Hayden, the heart of beautiful North Idaho and provide our services to U.S. and International clients.

We have worked with many companies to provide them with biomass energy systems, equipment, technical and operation, and maintenance services to optimize the facility’s performance. PES can supply you with new Biomass Energy Systems and Dryer Systems to meet your requirements at a competitive price.