Process Energy Systems

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PES provides energy systems which generate steam to replace the use of expensive fossil-based fuels.

These energy systems utilize biomass from the wood products industry as well as recycled paper mill sludge as a reliable and sustainable source of energy. The plant can use an existing onsite product that would otherwise need to be disposed of, or an inexpensive offsite product for fuel. Past clients have seen a return on investment in less than two years and have offset their carbon footprint by over 50 percent.

The video featured below features the benefits of Seattle Steam’s Wood Fired Biomass Boiler System.

HOT GAS – Bubbling Fluid Bed

PES furnishes full or updated systems to generate hot gas to be used within wood pellets, wood products, and other industries.

Past clients have seen a significant drop in outage time and the boiler production and air quality emission routinely meet or exceed original ratings.

Have you ever wondered what happens on the inside of a bubbling fluid bed?

Bubbling Fluid Bed (BFB) combustion allows consumers to burn any type of biomass or waste fuel maximizing flexibility and output. This view allows a unique perspective into the churning and rolling bed of sand inside a BFB.


Convert from using your expensive electric and fossil-fuel based hot water heater to an economic and environmentally beneficial wood based fuel heater. PES can provide a full turnkey solution including the fuel handling system, combustor, boiler and an integrated operator interface.

These hot water systems are ideal for District Heating, Schools and Hospitals.


PES can create a customized closed loop thermal fluid energy system to meet a client’s needs. It will generate high-temperature liquids using a renewable energy biomass fuel source.

These systems can offset the high cost of fossil-based fuels while also leaving a smaller impact on the environment.