Precision Energy Services has been providing biomass energy services to industrial clients for over 20 years. Our experience and expertise will help support the success of your plant’s project.


PES’ staff is very experienced in all aspects of new project development and the substantial redevelopment and upgrading of existing projects.

We can serve the project owner in any of many capacities; from “owner’s engineer” providing expert oversight of others’ work, as a focused expert resolving specific issues, to, a complete “turn-key” development role; delivering to an owner a fully-operable project. Project development and biomass energy services include:

  • Identification, characterization, and costing of prospective fuel resources.
  • Identify optimal combustion or gasification technologies for fuel supply and scale of the project.
  • Quantify available net energy; electric, thermal, mechanical or all three.
  • Model emissions; identify cost-effective emissions control technologies.
  • Project cost estimating, overall detailed economic feasibility, investment-grade business plans, and presentation packages.
  • Provide close, informed, engineering support of regulatory permitting efforts.
  • Preliminary, final design, specification/procurement and construction/installation.
  • Systems/equipment commissioning, facility-wide startup/production optimization and performance/emissions demonstration.


PES provides the full spectrum of mechanical engineering services relating to biomass energy production and utilization, combustion technologies, and facility-wide integration. With the support of our professional associates, we offer expertise in all engineering disciplines to fully address combustion, gasification, and plasma arc-based energy projects.

  • Experienced in project management nation-wide, including Hawaii and Alaska. Fully bonded and licensed contractors in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana.
  • Licensed as Professional Engineers in most states.
  • Development of detailed equipment/systems specifications.
  • Development of solicitation, management, and evaluation/ranking of vendor proposals.
  • Procurement, delivery, and installation of equipment.
  • The conduct and/or close monitoring of performance/accepting test programs.
  • A fully capable team of expert mechanical designers and draftsman, working on all industry-standard design platforms. From conceptual animated 3-D presentations of facilities to detailed equipment arrangement, process/P&IDs, and installation/construction drawings.

PES has a particular expertise in identifying, inspecting, procuring, removal, refurbishing, modifying and installation of used equipment to be fully inter-operable with balance-of-plant. If suitable for a given project’s needs, use of previously installed equipment can realize substantial reductions in capital costs and greatly advance project completion timelines while offering credible as-new performance and reliability warranties


Very experienced in all biomass solid fuel and gasification technologies, PES’ capabilities extend to on-site process analysis, troubleshooting and issue resolution for the wide variety of thermal processes and equipment; from the simple to the very complex.

  • Collection/preservation, arranging analyses and interpreting analyses of prospective fuels. Developing and implementing effective strategies for dealing with potentially adverse fuel characteristics.
  • Stoker-fed, fixed or traveling/reciprocating grates and solid fuel combustion systems.
  • Circulating or atmospheric bubbling fluid bed combustors.
  • Gas, liquid or fine solids suspension burners.
  • Biomass boiler design, performance, fouling and maintenance issues.
  • Gasifier design and operations and producer gas recovery/treatment/utilization.
  • Plasma arc materials processing and producer gas management/utilization.
  • Over-fire air, flue gas recirculation, NOx, SO2, CO, PM and VOCs management, wet and dry gas stream scrubbers, both in-systems and in-duct emissions scavenging/controls, and selective non-catalytic and catalytic reduction (SNCR and SCR) systems.
  • Emissions control optimization and performance tuning. Both wet and dry style electrostatic precipitators, multiclones, bag houses and char recovery, classification, and re-injection.
  • Bulk fuel material logistics; collection, initial sizing and contaminant removal/controls, loading/unloading, transport, in-processing, stack-out/storage, reclaim and metered delivery systems to all types of combustion systems.
  • Bulk materials drying; utilizing both direct and indirect methods, screening for size and density classification, grinding/shredding, and contaminants removal/management.
  • VOCs-laced gas streams handling, classification, and destruction methods.



PES has and continues operating a variety of energy projects under long-term contracts with project owners. The plant types include fluid bed combustor/gasifiers, both high and low pressure /boilers and stoker/traveling grate; operating as process heat, co-generation, or stand-alone electric energy generation.

  • Developing and implementing detailed operations, performance and maintenance programs facility-wide that optimize efficiency and reliability while maximizing value to owners.
  • Developing equipment, systems, and facility-wide operating and policy procedures.
  • Plant staff recruiting and hiring.
  • Comprehensive operator and maintenance staff training and retraining systems, formal qualification program development and implementation and employee professional development and career management.
  • Facility management, at all levels.
  • Fuel procurement and utilization management, fuel specification development, quality control, monitoring/documentation systems and inventory and billing/invoice systems.



PES fields an enormously talented and experienced staff of senior engineering, operations, and design people. Besides those described above, additional areas of expertise available to our clients through our staff includes:

  • Forensic engineering; technical investigations; research and preparation of case materials and testifying in support of litigation.
  • Design, fabrication, and installation of large-scale bulk materials handling systems for the mining and metals-processing industries.
  • In-plant engineering and operations support and capital project management for large-scale food-processing industry facilities.
  • Environmental/air quality permitting; resolution of compliance, enforcement and reporting issues with regulatory authorities.
  • Design, development, and implementation of both stand-alone and web-based comprehensive environmental recording, monitoring, reporting and compliance assurance systems.
  • Design development, implementation of biomass fuels procurement tracking and documentation systems; includes purchase, delivery, quality assurance/testing and transportation aspects.
  • Biomass fuels supply market development, contracting and management.
  • Economic feasibility, fuel supply development, design, construction, the operation of smaller-scale biomass-fueled institutional and district heating systems.
  • Development and management of residual fish oil as both a supplementary diesel fuel and as biodiesel production feedstock.
  • Management support and long-term business development for rural utility/municipality interests.