Biomass Energy is Carbon-Neutral which helps protect the earth from Co2

Throughout the past few years, there has been a lot of global discussion on topics like the Clean Power Plan, climate change, and pollution. These are some major issues, but what exactly are we as individuals and businesses supposed to do about it?

We hear recommendations daily on how we can take actions to live a more sustainable lifestyle every day. There are numerous sources telling us to use less and conserve less, sure it is a nice idea but how feasible is it in real life? When it comes to being more sustainable in terms of our energy usage businesses who are considering making the switch to renewable energy have a lot of resources and options available to them.

These resources include the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a variety of grants, tax deductions, and other incentives that makes switching to Biomass Energy (or other renewables) easier than ever.

With the wide variety of resources available it is important to take into consideration your location and intended end use. In our case, unfortunately, it isn’t every day that we get to feel the warm sunshine on our face or notice a cool breeze. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest, where during the fall and winter we have a major lack of the sunshine, which makes for super-short days that are often dark and gloomy (but its beautiful days like today that make it worth it!) These factors, when compared to wind and solar make Biomass energy appealing because Biomass feed stocks will always be available. Rain or shine biomass will prove to be a reliable fuel source.

Depending on your location, it is likely that there are already Biomass feed stocks readily available in your area. By using Biomass to power your facility, you are helping support your local economy rather than paying for imported fossil fuels. Check out some of the other reasons why Precision Energy Services (PES) loves Biomass Energy.

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Handful of Pellets for Biomass Energy

Things to keep in mind when considering a Biomass Energy powered facility:

  • High Fuel Costs
  • Quick ROI
  • Replace Fossil Fuels
  • Energy Independence
  • Less Waste Trucked To Landfills
  • Lower Tipping Fees
  • Sustainable