“Customized fluid bed gasification system”



Project Description

Becromal of America & Eagle Bend Energy jointly own a 5MW cogeneration plant near the community of Clinton, Tennessee. A fluidized bed gasification system produces a low-Btu flammable gas that fires a boiler producing 60,000 lbs. of steam per hour at 600psig and 700°F. The steam is in turn directed to a turbine-generator producing electric energy that is sold to a regional utility company. Lower pressure steam is extracted from the turbine and is used to support operations of Becromal’s adjacent electronics component manufacturing facility. Precision Energy served a key role in the design, construction, and operation of the Clinton facility.



Project Details

Client Becromal of America
Date 2011
Services Developed plant process flows, system performance requirements, and instrument/controls criteria, provided direct support of project permitting efforts, purchase, removal, and refurbishment of used equipment; provide field supervision as needed, perform facility design engineering, equipment arrangement, and foundation layouts; create detailed construction designs ensuring proper integration of all systems and components.
Location Clinton, Tennessee


Project Features

Custom fluidized bed gasification system and boiler that produces electric energy that is sold to a regional utility company.


Project Features

The overall plant is primarily comprised of used and reconditioned equipment with the exception of the boiler turbine and fuel buildings. All of the equipment was obtained from existing facilities.

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