Project Description

The Boise Emmett Power Plant was a 17 MW fuel fired plant producing power from wood products manufacturing wastes. Langdale Lumber Company purchased the power house for the turbine/generator and other equipment that was valuable enough to salvage. PES was contracted to identify and tag all reused equipment and dismantle that equipment for shipment to Georgia. The turbine, generator, gear box, water treatment equipment, control room equipment, office files and fixtures, and related parts were removed from the Emmett plant, crated and packed where appropriate, and loaded for shipment. Wood yard equipment including; truck dump and hydraulic unit, fuel receiving bin, metal detector, hog, and related equipment were also removed and shipped.

Project Details

Client Langboard
Date 2007
Services Engineering
Location Emmett, ID and Quitman, GA

Scope of Work

  • Removal of all steam, water, and condensate piping. Most piping was salvaged for reinstallation.
  • Removal of pumps, motors, hydraulic units, oil tanks, coolers, air compressors, battery chargers, and other auxiliary equipment.
  • Packing for shipment of all associated spare parts.
  • Packing for shipment of all control room equipment including control parts and computers, printers, desks, and the control room raised floor.
  • Removal and tagging of a two cell cooling tower.
  • Controlled dismantle of a 22 ft diameter stainless steel water storage tank.
  • Removal and packing of the main electrical breaker switch and connecting conduit and wiring.
  • Controlled dismantle of the turbine/generator building (35 ft by 85 ft x 50 ft) including demolition of the office, control room, and elevated concrete operating floor.
  • Removal and shipping of wood yard equipment including controlled dismantle of the truck dump bed that was 72 ft long and 25 ft wide. The bed had to be split along the longitudinal seam and loaded on “stretch” trailers.

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