Mineral Community Hospital

“Self-Contained Complete Boiler System of Modular Design”

Project Description

Mineral Community Hospital was using oil, propane and electricity to supply the heating and domestic hot water energy requirements of the hospital and the adjoining clinic. A pellet wood fired boiler system proposed by PES had been sized at a 1,000,000 BTU/hr. input with a useable output of 885,000 BTU/hr. The boiler was sized to produce 90% of the peak load conditions of the combined energy requirements of the hospital and clinic. The existing oil-fired boilers will be set to provide additional energy as necessary to meet the energy demand during severe low-temperature conditions.

Project Details

Client Mineral Community Hospital
Date 2012
Services Complete system engineering, project management, equipment supply
Location Superior, Montana

Project Features

PES provided the following services to Mineral Community Hospital including project management of the complete boiler system supply and installation, engineering of the complete system including mechanical, electrical, piping and civil, supply of a pellet boiler capable of supplying 855,000 BTU’s per hour of a maximum 15 psig steam, A new galvanized pellet fuel silo supplied with conveyance from the fuel silo to the boiler enclosure. A pellet fuel receiving hopper and screw conveyor assembled to convey the pellets from the ground to the inlet of the fuel silo, piping, fittings and valves to connect the new boiler steam and condensate lines to the existing steam boiler system, a steam to water heat exchange to heat the hospital domestic hot water, an optional heat exchanger to heat hot water for the clinic heating and domestic water including piping, pumps, furnace coils and controls for the system, A PLC based control system for the pellet boiler including interface to the existing boiler system, system startup and operator training, and freight of equipment to the site.

Project Features

The boiler system included all the necessary equipment to provide a complete and operable pellet fuel fired boiler when installed adjacent and connected to the existing boilers at the Hospital.

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