“46 MW facility fueled by clean woody biomass”

Project Description

The 55 MW Mt. Poso Cogeneration facility is an operating circulating fluid bed plant currently fueled on a blend of coal, petroleum coke, and tire-derived fuel. It produces process steam serving nearby petroleum extraction well as well as electricity for sale to the north-central California power grid. The owners of the Mt. Poso facility have elected to convert to a 46 MW operation fueled entirely by clean woody biomass fuel generated regionally from urban waste and agricultural residues.


Project Details

Client Mt. Poso
Date 2008
Services EPC
Location Bakersfield, California

Project Features

Precision Energy Services was engaged by the Mt. Poso owners in fast track design, engineering, and procurement of an all-new state-of-the-art biomass fuel receiving, in-processing, storage, and reclaim facility sited immediately adjacent to the plant. With provisions to readily accept deliveries of 10 trucks per hour, advanced fuel screening methods, storage capacity in excess of 60,000 dry tons, highly flexible fuel blending and reclaim systems, and advanced dust recovery systems, the new facility will be the new industry standard.

Precision Energy is also engaged to design, engineer, and procure the systems metering and delivering biomass fuel to four entry points into the circulating fluid bed combustor; integrating substantial new equipment and controls into the existing facility while preserving the existing coal-firing capabilities.

Project Features

The plant runs on 100% biomass and delivers 44 MW of clean, renewable energy.

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