“Acquisition, refurbishment/modification & turn-key reinstallation”

Project Description

A long-term Precision Energy Services’ client in the Northwest is greatly expanding its lumber-drying kiln capacity and has been actively seeking a cost-effective boiler facility to support this expansion. PES identified a suitable candidate based around a 40,000 lbs steam per hour “Nebraska” package boiler/economizer fired by a residual-wood fueled 14-foot diameter EPI bubbling fluid bed combustor at the recently-closed DeArmond sawmill located on the banks of the Spokane River in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. PES’ services included a detailed assessment of the plant’s existing configuration and equipment list, condition, and suitability for the new application; preparation of a fixed-price-basis disassembly/removal, transport, and storage proposal; and analyses of revised overall project economics based on the DeArmond facility’s projected acquisition, refurbishment/modification, and turn-key reinstallation costs. Based on the very favorable results and with PES’ direct support, the client purchased the facility at public auction in mid-June 2008. PES also had identified numerous additional lots of potentially valuable boiler spares and support equipment the client was also able to purchase at the auction.

Project Details

Client DeArmond
Date 2008
Services Disassembly/removal, transport, storage and reinstallation
Location Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Project Features

PES immediately launched a fast-track effort to disassemble and transport the DeArmond boiler to a local staging area, completing this first phase of the project on time and under budget.

Project Features

PES initiated detailed design and engineering to support further transport, refurbishment, modification, and re-installation of the boiler facility in its new application while warranting its optimal production performance and compliance with permitted air quality emissions constraints.

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