Ontario, Canada

“Paper Mill Sludge to Energy System


State-of-the-Art Combustion and Emissions Controls”

Paper Mill Sludge to Energy System

Project Description

Our client owns and operates three paper recycling facilities in the Greater Toronto Ontario, Canada area. At the plant, multiple natural gas boilers and to a lesser extent, paper sludge was used for generating the steam required for paper production. Seeking to reduce its tipping fees, transportation, and natural gas costs, the client upgraded its primary sludge combustion system to maximize the use of recycle paper mill sludge. A refurbished 60 Million BTU per hour capacity bubbling fluid bed combustor was fitted to an existing Heat Recovery Steam Generator boiler (45,000 pph) with state-of-the-art combustion and emissions controls to serve as the new base-loaded steam source, operating year-round on in-house generated paper sludge.

Project Details

Client Confidential
Date 2011
Services Design, engineering, and procurement for paper mill sludge to energy system featuring a refurbished and upgraded fluid bed combustor system, sludge metering and ash systems.
Location Ontario, Canada

Paper Mill Sludge to Energy System

Project Features

Precision Energy Services was engaged in providing the project with a refurbished and upgraded fluid bed combustor system, sludge metering and ash systems, design, engineering, and procurement. Additionally, the client engaged PES to supply overall project services to closely manage other aspects of project design, construction, installation, and coordination. This project was particularly challenging due to its location in the midst of a highly congested neighborhood, the retrofitting of existing equipment and the limited space available for the equipment within the existing plant.

Project Features

The installation of the sludge-fired fluid bed system allows our client to burn paper mill sludge produced from two of their plants thereby minimizing disposal fees and reducing the amount of natural gas used for steam production.

Paper Mill Sludge to Energy System

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