“60,000 ton per year stand-alone facility “

Project Description

The Hauser, Idaho Purcell Wood Pellet Plant is a stand-alone 60,000 ton per year facility. PES was the Engineer for the plant and the supplier for the many components, including the energy system and the dryer for the plant. PES developed the Greenfield 10 acre site, including the county building permits, site infrastructure and the State air quality permit. PES provided technical support to the original owners of the new plant by developing several equipment options for the plant design. Some equipment that was used was originally located in the Atlas Pellet Plant, a smaller pellet plant on leased property in Coeur d’Alene that was forced to relocate.

PES was first hired to evaluate the existing plant for potential use of any equipment that would perform at the new plant’s 60,000 ton per year design rate. Some of the existing plant’s equipment was utilized, but most of the plant was constructed from new equipment. Designed by PES’ experienced technical team, the plant is building on its performance and its reliability to be a long-term economic success.


Project Details

Client Purcell Pellet
Date 2007
Services Engineering, Energy System & Dryer Supply.
Location Hauser, Idaho

Project Features

PES contributed an array of services key to the project’s success, including:
• Site layout and design required for county permitting including building and development.
• Direct-support of regulatory and air permitting efforts for the site.
• Development of a detailed process flow sheet for the complete plant.
• Development of specifications for the purchase of new and used equipment.
• Evaluated new and used equipment and purchased on behalf of project owners.
• Ensured proper integration of project equipment facility-wide; developed and applied stringent and successful performance and operational criteria.
• Designed and supplied a new wood fired heat source for a refurbished single pass dryer system.
• Designed fuel receiving/process equipment layout, including screening, magnets, fuel bin, pneumatic systems, metering bin conveyor, numerous support and access structures and foundations.
• Developed and provided complete project equipment documentation, including detailed process flow descriptions, P&IDs, site supervision of installation, start up and facility commissioning.

Project Features

The plant is building on its performance and its reliability to be a long-term success.

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