“Wood residual-fueled 120,000 PPH 600 psig/750 °F Boiler”

Project Description

Colville Indian Power and Veneer (CIPV) operates an integrated plywood manufacturing facility near Omak, Washington, and engaged PES to refurbish and repair its No.1 Power Boiler; a wood residual-fueled 120,000pph 600psig/750ºF boiler providing thermal energy in the form of low-pressure steam serving on-site veneer dryers as well as electric generation through multiple turbine-generators. PES accomplished all engineering design and engineering, specified and procured all equipment, managed construction and installation, and supported project start up on time and on budget. PES’ extensive and creative planning efforts substantially reduced the outage duration below that anticipated by CIPV.


Project Details

Client Colville Indian Power & Veneer
Date 2002
Services Engineering/Procurement, Refurbishments and Upgrades
Location Omak, WA

Project Features

Major work items included demolition and removal, re-tubing the boiler convective section, sidewalls, and under-grate sections; refurbished/repaired and upgraded fuel stokers, boiler headers, air heater, multiclone, ash collection/reinjection systems, and flue gas scrubber and stack; replacement and restoration of boiler insulation and refractory. Work included the identification of and timely engineering/procurement efforts to resolve a number of substantial issues found only after work was initiated.

Project Features

The No.1 Power Boiler’s production and air quality emissions now routinely meet or exceeds original ratings.

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