“The plant consists of a 120,000 pound per hour boiler.”

Project Description

The Heppner Power Plant is a 10 megawatt wood fired power plant that was formerly used as an energy source for a wood products plant. The plant had been mothballed when the facility was closed. When the Port of Morrow acquired the power plant they contracted with PES to refurbish the equipment, replace equipment that had been sold, and restart the plant as an independent power generation plant. The plant consists of a 120,000 pound per hour boiler supplying steam to a General Electric turbine/generator.

Project Details

Client Heppner Power Plant
Date 2009
Services Engineering, Power System Design, and Project Development.
Location Port of Morrow, Oregon

Project Features

The fuel system had to be rebuilt as the former owner had sold most of that system. A truck dump, hog, screen, radial stacker, fuel bin, and associated conveyors were supplied and installed. The boiler was reconditioned and many of the tubes were replaced. The turbine was completely rebuilt. The control system and electrical were upgraded and the complete plant was started up and put into operation.

Scope of Work

  • Design, supply, and installation of fuel handling system including: truck dump, hog, screen, radial stacker, reclaim hopper, fuel storage bin, and associated conveyors.
  • Rebuild of boiler including new superheater tubes, acoustical ash cleaning, refractory repairs, and instrumentation refurbishment.
  • Refurbishment of precipitator, ID fan, and ash removal equipment.
  • Complete rebuild of the GE turbine and generator including new controls.
  • Refurbishment of complete 4 cell cooling tower.
  • Design and supply of a waste water cooling system.
  • Rebuilding of all support systems for power plant.
  • Startup support and operation training.

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