“For over 9 years PES operated and maintained the Alternate Fuels Boiler for DuPont”

Project Description

The E. I. DuPont De Nemours & Company, DuPont, owned and operated an extensive industrial complex near Brevard, North Carolina. The adjacent Alternate Fuels Boiler (AFB) facility served the complex up to 70,000 lbs. of low-pressure steam per hour in support of its manufacturing processes. As the plant owner undertook realignment of its manufacturing facilities, the Brevard complex was idled and eventually removed in 2003.

For over 9 years, PES operated and maintained the AFB for DuPont with an excellent record of performance, safety, reliability, and environmental compliance; its fluid bed combustor and boiler producing continuously with only two brief maintenance outages annually. Three independent solid fuel stokers and a liquid fuel burner, with natural gas backup, fed the combustor a very diverse blend of industrial and processing residual materials. Mostly plastic fabrics and polyester films, fuels also included waste paper, cardboard, and wood wastes from local lumber and pallet operations.

Project Details

Client E.I. DuPont De Nemours & Company
Date 2008
Services Operations & Maintenance
Location Brevard, North Carolina

Project Features

Specific services and achievements included:
• Over 250 truckloads of fuels per month weighed in, inspected and processed for use.
• Recruited, trained, and managed 22 full-time operating and maintenance staff; covering the facility’s 24-hour 365 days per year operating and maintenance schedule.

Project Features

• Maintained all environmental compliance, monitoring, and operating records. Aggressively evaluated and secured permitting authority for additional revenue-generating fuel sources with great success; generating sufficient tipping fees the plant was economically self-supporting.
• Developed and implemented comprehensive safety and training programs for employees. Achieved a safety record of no lost-time accidents for over 2,000 consecutive days.

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